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AGS SECURITY - Tulsa, Ok. - GE Allegro Alarm System



Allegro is like the cellular phone of security. It pushes the envelope of technology, packing sophisticated features into a trim, compact design that’s remarkably easy and convenient to use.The system is engineered for maximum reliability. You gain peace of mind knowing that everything you value most in life is under protective care. In case of emergency, the help you need is rushing to your home. With so many things going wireless these days, it’s also comforting to know that Allegro comes from the company that pioneered wireless security - and has con­tinually advanced its technology for more than 20 years. Best of all, you get all this for an affordable price that makes it an incomparable value. If you want advanced wireless security, Allegro is simply the best. Allegro offers a wide selection of the world’s most advanced sensors:  Choose from sensors that detect intrusion, motion, glass breakage, smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide. Or choose recessed sensors-the smallest in the industry-which are completely hidden within a door or window frame. All sensors are powered by reliable, long-lasting batteries. Key In To Convenience > An optional keychain touchpad puts you in control with no codes or numbers to remember. It makes a simple system even easier to use. Revolutionary Design >Allegro features an innovative Dialog™ Telephone Interface Module (DTIM). It’s a communication link between the control panel and the Central Monitoring Station. The DTIM receives radio signals from the control panel, then uses the phone lines to report security events. This offers important advantages: The signal goes out even if the control panel is damaged during a break-in or fire.


Lightning Fast Installation

Because it’s wireless, your Allegro system can be installed in about an hour. That’s dramatically faster than the long hours it takes to install a hardwire system. It’s also a much cleaner installation, without the unsightly mess of drilling holes in the wall and running wires. And there’s much less risk of a drill causing serious damage in your home. Allegro takes command of the line, so your home always remains secure — even when you’re on the phone or if the phone is acciden­tally knocked off the hook.



Instant Detection. Rapid Response

Allegro monitors your home 24 hours a day, providing advanced warning of any threat to your family’s safety. When a sensor detects an emergency, the signal goes out immediately to the Central Monitoring Station, which sends proper authorities rushing to the scene.



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Apartment Guard LLP - Tulsa, Ok. - GE Allegro Alarm System